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China Sandblasting Media manufacturers Steel shot blasting is a wrought carbon steel blast media whose performance is low in friability. Excellent for stripping, cleaning and improving metal surfaces. It is manufactured into a round ball shape that results in a smooth and polished surface. The peening action of the steel shot produces improved compressive strength to metal surfaces. Used by both air powered and wheel blast systems. Steel shot blasting abrasive is pretreatment before painting, painting, surface, ship plate, section steel, steel, steel plate, steel structure, etc. It is mainly used in steel pretreatment production line, steel plate pretreatment production line, steel structure pretreatment production line, sand room in the device. Cleaning: shot blasting, shot blasting, die casting cleaning, casting shot blasting, forging shot blasting, forging shot blasting casting sand cleaning, steel plate cleaning, steel cleaning, steel plate cleaning, H-beam cleaning, steel structure cleaning. Rust removal: shot blasting, shot blasting, castings, forgings, steel plates, forgings, steel, H-beams, and steel structures. Strengthening: shot peening, heat treatment parts shot peening, gear shot peening. Shot peening: steel shot peening, steel sandblasting, ship plate shot blasting, steel plate shot peening, steel shot peening. Shot blasting: steel plate shot blasting, steel shot blasting, section steel shot blasting. Sanding: Sanding treatment. Cast steel shot pretreatment: coating pretreatment, coating pretreatment, surface pretreatment, ship plate pretreatment, section steel pretreatment, steel pretreatment, steel plate pretreatment, steel structure pretreatment. Sizes: S70, S110, S170, S230, S280, S330, S390, S460, S550, S660, S780 Applications: Shot peening, Sandblasting, Polishing, Cleaning, Deburring, Surface preparation, Automatic wheel blasting machines, Air blasting systems, Descaling Steel shot blasting data sheet: ItemsStandard (%) C0.70-1.20 Si0.40-1.20 Mn0.35-1.20 S0.05max P0.045max Hardness40-60HRC Density7.4g/cm鲁China Sandblasting Media manufacturers website:

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