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Electric Scooter Products Description Super scooter (Long Range Edition) Super scooter that can run more than 80KM It meets anyone who wants to use electric scooters to achieve long distance riding Long Distance Riding Riding distance of more than 80 km VS ordinary electric scooters within 3 km 鈶燼dder 's range far exceeds that of electric scooters, 2OAH range far exceeds that of ordinary e-scooters 10AH range. 鈶rdinary e-scooter riding with legs standing together, long time riding body is extremely difficult, resulting in the user difficult to achieve long distance riding. While adder has a seat, making it riding comfortably. Super powerful 1000W* motor to ensure excellent riding Gloov adder is equipped with a large motor of 1000W and a 20AH battery to increase the speed of the ride on the road. NFC intelligent unlocking, Cellphone induction activation,security anti-theft R1 supports nfc smart unlock function, not only can you switch the lock with your own nfc card, but also switch the lock with your cell phone with nfc function, and the phone can sense and unlock immediately when it is close. High security and theft-resistance. Product Parameters ModelFRV-L10 Max Load200kg Hill grade20 degree Motor48V 1000W Tire20 inch*2.50inch Max Speed25KM/H Mileage(electric mode40卤3km Mileage(power-assisted mode)50-80KM Battery20Ah Lithium Battery Frame MaterialMagnesium alloy Charging time:5-6 hours ,2-3h for quick chargeElectric Scooter website:http://www.cnforevermoto.com/electric-scooter/

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